David Buchanan has a long history of integrity, humility, generosity, hard work and common sense. His upbringing in Alaska by a military Veteran and a private school Founder & Principal taught him the value of hard work and initiative.

Since moving to Walton County in 2005, David has served the community through his home church Destiny Worship Center. He has been honored to deliver meals to people in need, provide Christmas presents for children in foster car, pack backpacks for “back to school” program for disadvantaged children, and lead young adult and youth ministries. He has also volunteered with the Muscogee Nation. For 5 years, David faithfully organized volunteers and crafted sermons to deliver to the residents in two local nursing homes; his heart was to bring a quality worship experience to those who couldn't physically attend church.

In 2016 he married Natasha. She and her two daughters had recently gone through the loss of her Green Beret husband who was killed in Afghanistan. Shortly after the wedding, David joyfully adopted both girls, simultaneously becoming both a husband and a father. Over the next several years, they had two more children together.

As the son of a veteran and husband to a war widow, veterans and active duty military are close to David’s heart. As a father of school-age children, David is actively pro-parent.

When David first moved to Florida, he quickly put his business degree to work by earning his CGC License and founding his home building company. As a small business owner, builder, home owner, and real estate agent, David has a solid understanding of the infrastructure needs and challenges facing Walton County. Running a small business has taught him critical financial management skills. He is planning to use his experience and understanding of contracts and his Criminal Justice degree to carefully examine any laws or contracts that are proposed to the county. As a husband and father, David has a vision to leave a brilliant future to our children and grandchildren.

“Development is happening in Walton County; Someone once made room for you and me to live here; let's make room for others too, while preserving what has made this area such a wonderful place to live. Healthy things grow, so it is imperative that we Grow Responsibly” - David Buchanan

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