Where does David stand?
  • Someone made room for us; we need to graciously make room for others, while striving to maintain what made this place so wonderful to begin with. As we develop, we need to Grow Responsibly.

  • I want to bring foresight and planning, increase infrastructure capabilities through expanding roadways and utilities, increase parking and beach access, and make a Plan for the Future.
  • My heart is to take care of the incredibly beautiful environment God has given us here in Walton County. This means I am currently exploring proven ideas and actions we can initiate to Clean up the Bays, Lakes and Canals.

  • I desire to see higher paying jobs brought into our county through economic growth and development. We can attract new clean businesses by providing an attractive infrastructure of schools, better access to hospitals & medical facilities, useable green spaces, affordable housing and functioning roadways. All of this will promote Clean Jobs.

  • As our children grow, they are often leaving the area to find good jobs and personal growth opportunities elsewhere. I desire to provide access to post secondary technical training to ensure they have the skills and opportunities they need here locally to Keep Our Brightest and Best.

  • With the current rapid growth of the area, it is imperative that we ensure that our teachers, fire fighters, nurses and other valued workforce members can afford to live in the communities that they serve. My goal is for our workforce to have increased access to Obtainable Housing.

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